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During my bachelor studies in Biomedical Sciences in the Autonomous University of Barcelona I became very interested in the nervous system and on how we perceive the world around us. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I continued my studies in the field of Neuroscience by joining the Master of Interdisciplinary Neuroscience in Frankfurt am Main. In my Master thesis I studied auditory processing of natural sounds in the bat inferior colliculus using an information theoretic approach. I chose the AC lab for my Master thesis and I’m currently working towards my PhD in the same lab.


Bats use multiple sensory cues to guide their behaviour. Yet, to date, most research on bats has focused on echolocation and audition in general, even though bats rely greatly on other senses as well. During my PhD I will study how olfactory cues and respiration rhythms interact with auditory processing in bats. I will investigate the relation between breathing rate and vocalization production. I will also study the connection between neural activity of two brain areas, namely the inferior colliculus (IC), processing hub of auditory stimuli before the information reaches the cortex, and the frontal auditory field (FAF), an understudied area in the bat frontal lobe able to process sounds. In addition, I will use olfactory cues to study how odorants affect the breathing rhythm and neural activity in the bats’ brain. Finally, I will use behavioural paradigms in order to assess how auditory and olfactory cues influence decision making in bats.


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