1. DFG grant (HE 7478/3-1, Julio Hechavarria). Grant for studying context-dependent responses in the bat auditory cortex.

Amount: 214 450 EUR; Running since: 2019-present.

2. DFG grant (# KO 987/14-1, Manfred Kössl & Julio Hechavarria). Grant for studying stimulus-specific adaptation at the cochlear level.

Amount: 200 214 EUR; Running since: 2019-present. 

3. DFG grant (# KO 987/12-2, Manfred Kössl & Julio Hechavarria) Grant Title: Dynamics of coding and representation of temporal information in the bat auditory cortex and midbrain

Amount: 209 450 EUR; Running since: 2018-present.

4. DFG grant (# HE 7478/1-1, Julio Hechavarria & Manfred Kössl) Grant title: Functional coupling between frontal cortex and auditory cortex in echolocating bats

Amount: 201 100 EUR; Running since: 2016-present.