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1. Priority Program "LOOPS: cortico-subcortical interactions for adaptive cognition". Steering Committee member and second representative in the first funding period. funding for ~20 projects running for 3 years. Call for projects closes September 28, 2022. More  information at

2. German Research council grant (HE 7478/1-3). Grant for studying neural network dynamics in vocalizing bats. € 219, 050. Julio Hechavarria & Manfred Kössl.


3. German Research council grant (HE 7478/3-1). Grant for studying context-dependent responses in the bat auditory cortex. € 219, 050. Julio Hechavarria.

4. German Research council grant (KO 987/14-1). Grant for studying stimulus-specific adaptation at the cochlear level. € 200, 214. Manfred Kössl and Julio Hechavarria. 

5. German Research council grant (KO 987/12-2). Grant for studying the coding and representation of temporal information in the bat auditory cortex and midbrain. € 209, 450. Manfred Kössl and Julio Hechavarria.


1. German Research Council. Funding for international conference on Subcortico-cortical loops in sensory processing and perception. €20, 000. Livia de Hoz & Julio Hechavarria.

2. German Research council grant (# HE 7478/1-1) First 3-y funding period finished with 6 publications and 1 PhD thesis defense (summa cum laude). €201, 100. Julio Hechavarria & Manfred Kössl.

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